Choose from easy and short trips, mountain hikes, city walks, day trips, summit hikes, and scenic tours at Hardangervidda.

Here you’ll find kid-friendly tours, tours for the active, and tours for grandparents. All tours are easily accessible and start close to the Hardangervidda National Park route.


Our top 5 tours

Gaustatoppen, Rjukan
The best view in Southern Norway?

See 1/6 of Norway from the top!

8,6 km round trip.


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Falkeriset, Rauland
Children’s favourite!

Panoramic view of Hardangervidda.

3 km round trip.


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Kvennavegen, Møsstrond
Every grandparent’s favorite!

Waterfall spray and high-mountain cruise in a roadless village.

1,9 km round trip.


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Solstien, Rjukan
Shortest way from Rjukan to Hardangervidda

Popular stone path.

4,3 km round trip.


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Sabotørstien, Rjukan
Walk in the footsteps of the saboteurs

The Saboteur Trail is part of the route used by the world-famous Norwegian resistance fighters during World War II on the night they were to blow up the heavy water factory.
16 km round trip.

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Hiking tours along Hardangervidda

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