Sabotørstien, Rjukan (Engelsk)

Follow in the footsteps of the saboteurs!

The Saboteur's Trail is the path used by the world-famous Norwegian resistance fighters during World War II when they were on their mission to sabotage the heavy water plant.


Length Difficulty Time  
 8 km High 3-5 hours

The hike starts at Rjukan Fjellstue, approximately 11 km from the center of Rjukan.

From Rjukan Fjellstue, you follow the gravel road for a short distance into Hjerdalen. Then, the trail continues through varied forest and hiking terrain.

Along the way, there are information boards that provide insight into the history of Norwegian saboteurs making their way from Hardangervidda, descending the steep ravines to Vemork to sabotage the heavy water plant.

Foto: Fotograf Jacobsen

Foto: Fotograf Jacobsen

The trail is 8 km long and takes approximately 2.5 hours to complete. The unique nature along the trail enhances the overall experience. The path is well-marked, with some steep descent towards the end.

Good footwear is essential, and on rainy days, it is recommended to wear boots as the trail can become wet and muddy.

If you have your own car, the easiest option is to park at the parking lot of the Norwegian Industrial Workers Museum in Våer, as you will end up there after completing the hike. Walk up to the main road and take the bus that goes to Rjukan Fjellstue. Please check the provided downloads for bus schedules.