Telemarkstunet is famous for its summer activities. The tuna is open from July to August.

Telemarkstunet is open at 11-16. Open every day until 14th August.

Telemarkstunet is a collection of copies of old houses from Rauland, which was seen as a tuna first in the 1990s.



Welcome to Telemarkstunet
  • Cafe in Gardsjordstoga
  • Stone oven bakery
  • Kling and flatbread bakery
  • Handicraft outlet
  • Summer Courses


At Telemarkstunet there are working craftsmen, Sjur baking bread in old-fashioned wooded stone rooms, Torbjørn and Karin cooks and flatbread and cafe is open to all guests. In the barn there is a craftsmanship with a product of more than 120 different art dealers. There is free entrance.

Telemarkstunet is placed next to Raulandsakademiet, and consist of these buildings:

  • Gardsjordstoga
  • Låven
  • Veslebur
  • Loftet
  • Låven
  • Årestoga
  • Eldhuset
  • Stallen
  • Badstoga


Låven is a copy of a traditional building from Western Telemark. On the barn you will find a craft shop with products from about 120 different art dealers. Emphasis is placed on Norwegian product.

Låven is open every day all summer, in holidays and even weekends before christmas. Contact the office at Raulandsakademiet if you have questions, tel. +45 35 07 32 92.


Folkemusikkscena arranges Folk music concert one day a month in Årestoga.

Their concerts are advertised on their home page.

Rental of facilities

At Telemarkstunet we have Årestoga, one of whom can rent if one wants an intimate and cozy party room for the celebration of a big day. In Årestoga there is room for serving around 40 people. Contact us and receive our food menu. In addition, it is possible to rent Årestoga and bring the food itself. One great way to celebrate birthday, weddings or anniversaries.

Private course or party

One can also rent a house at Telemarkstunet if one wants to arrange a course or a party where one places some activity, eg. cooking in Gardsjordstoga, baking in Eldhuset or Årestoga, smoking of meat and fish in Badstoga.