Kvennavegen, Møsstrond (Engelsk)

All Grandparents' Favorite!

River Rapids and High Mountain Cruise in a Remote Village.


Length Difficulty Time (no pause)
1,9 km round trip Easy 30 min

An easy hike for the whole family, a favorite among grandparents! Well-prepared trail that is great to combine with a day trip on M/B Fjellvåken and lunch or an overnight stay at Mogen Turisthytte. Enjoy the sound of the river and the rush of the waterfalls from Kvenna, and listen to the talking pole where the locals tell you about life "where nobody would believe that anyone could live" in the roadless mountain valley of Møsstrond.

Hiking Description:
  • You start the hike at Mogen Turisthytte. From there, follow the village road towards Argehovd, where the gravel and plank road turns left towards the Kvenna river.

  • The plank road takes you safely across the marshes and onto beautiful rocks by the Kvenna river.

  • In a bay, you will find a bathing spot - perfect for a refreshing swim on a sunny day.

  • Along the way, you can learn about the life in Møsstrond through information boards and the talking pole.

On this trip, you will experience one of the highest situated mountain villages in the country: Møsstrond. Around 150 people live here, with approximately 40 of them living in roadless areas, and several running farms with livestock.

Life in a Roadless Village

The road ends at Varland, where the "waterway" across Møsvatn starts. From here, it is a 30 km journey to the innermost farm. The lack of roads means that many people in Møsstrond rely on boats and snowmobiles for transportation of people and goods, in addition to tourism, hunting, fishing, and farming. For those living in roadless areas, water is their way throughout the year, whether it's open water or covered in ice. During the spring and autumn thaw, it can be several weeks between receiving mail or going to the store.

With an island as the village center

"Møsstrond center" is Hovdøyi with a church and a former boarding school (1869-2001). The school is now closed, and the children of Møsstrond attend Rauland skule. The church, which is the highest situated parish church in the country, is still in use. Want to visit the island? Take a high mountain cruise with  Fjellvåken II.

    How to get to Kvennavegen
    • The starting point for the hike is located at Mogen Turisthytte, at the innermost part of the roadless mountain village Møsstrond. You can reach this place by taking the boat Fjellvåken, which operates on a regular schedule from Skinnarbu (located along RV 37, between Rjukan and Rauland) during the summer season. Please check the Fjellvåken schedule for departure times.
    • From Rauland town center: Follow RV 37 towards Rjukan. After 26.5 km, turn left towards the pier at Skinnarbu. Park your vehicle at the pier and pay the parking fee (cash) at the payment box. Make sure to display the receipt visibly in your car.

    • Terrain: Gravel road, plank road, and rocks. Well-prepared, flat, and easy terrain.

    • Season: June - September Elevation difference: 16 meters

    • Hiking Map: Hardangervidda South-East 1:60,000