Kunst & Kultur – 2 dager (Engelsk)

Experience a mix of traditional and modern Telemark culture on this car holiday along the National Park route. A perfect weekend trip for those interested in art and culture!


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Day 1 Heddal - Rjukan

Distance from - to



Heddal – Sauland  E-134 17 15 min
Sauland – Tuddal - Dal (Rjukan)  FV 651 62 50 min
Dal - Tinn museum (Rjukan)  RV 37 2 5 min
Total, day 1

81  1h 10min

Heddal Stave Church

The journey starts in Heddal. Here, a visit to Heddal Stave Church is a must. Heddal Stave Church was built around 1250 and is the largest of the 28 preserved medieval stave churches in Norway. It's open during the summer season.

After Heddal, you continue along E134 to Sauland, and follow FV651 towards Rjukan and Gaustatoppen to the next stop: Tuddal Bygdetun.

Tuddal Bygdetun

At the rural museum in Tuddal, you can see how the local people have built and lived throughout the times. Here, you'll find many different types of wooden houses from the mountain village, and you can enter them to see how people used to live. Open during the summer high season.

From Tuddal, you continue along the summer road over the mountain, where you can enjoy the sight of a high-mountain landscape where Gaustatoppen stands as a solitary mountain majesty.

Tinn museum

In the middle of the industrial town of Rjukan lies the Tinn Museum. Here, you can get an insight into the old farming society. The buildings tell the story of architectural history from before the Black Death up to 1900, and are gathered on a cosy farmyard. Open during the summer season.


Accomodation in Rjukan

Accomodation in Rauland

Day 2 Rjukan - Rauland

Distance fro - to



Rjukan - Rauland sentrum RV 37 47 45 min
Rauland sentrum - Telemarkstunet RV 362 0,5 2 min
Total, day 2 47,5 47 min

From the small town of Rjukan to the mountain village of Rauland

Day 2 starts with a diverse drive from the small town of Rjukan over the mountain to the mountain village of Rauland. Here, exhibitions, museums and beautiful cultural landscapes with old farms await you. As you approach the center of Rauland, you drive through the Austbø village with its beautiful, old farms.

Telemarkstunet Rauland Telemark

Telemarkstunet Rauland Telemark

Authentic craftsmanship and fresh stone oven bread

Right next to Raulandsakademiet you'll find Telemarkstunet, a lively farmstead with:

  • a large craft shop
  • a stone oven bakery with fresh baked goods
  • a café
  • free concerts (often folk music) during the summer season

Barns, lofts and other wooden houses that are replicas of old houses from Rauland, create a nice setting around the farmstead. Here, you can visit one of the craftsmen, perhaps a silversmith or a woodcarver, to see how they work.

Mountains, lakes and old farms

After Telemarkstunet, you drive back on rv 362. From there, you turn towards Haukeli, and after 0.5 km you'll arrive at the village of Hadland. Here, you can enjoy the view over one of the most beautiful cultural landscapes in Rauland.

Accomodation  Rauland