Håvardsrud Seterliv

Håvardsrud Seterliv is a traditional Norwegian mountain farm in Skirvedalen. Here the children can enjoy themselves, run around and become acquainted with farm animals.


The dairy maids that work on the farm will demonstate how to handle the animals. Both children and adults may join in caring for small animals and chickens. You may also help herd, milk and feed the cows.

Excitedly, children can sit on the turfed roof where they can play with rabbits. They can also jump from rock to rock, with the company of young goats and lambs. The messy feeding of sour milk to pigs is also very popular.

The diary maid is responsible for the handling of milk, churning of butter and making cheese. You can still see most of it through the windows of the dairy farm. The limited access is due to food health regulations.



Butter Course

Participate in a butter course, where you will make butter with the dairy maid and make your own butter to take home. The course takes approximately 1- 2 hours.

Some of the activities in Håvardsrud Seterliv:

  • “Cockadoodledoo” around 6-7 am
  • Feeding the pigs breakfast
  • Bring in the cows
  • Milking
  • Return the cows to the pasture
  • Feed calves, young goats, lambs, rabbits and chickens
  • Collect eggs
  • At approximately at 2 pm feed the calves, young goats, lambs and pigs
  • At approximately 5 pm herd the cows
  • Milking
  • Return the cows to the pasture
  • Evening meal served to all small animals

Traditional food

This village and mountain farm has its own inn where you can sample traditional Norwegian dishes such as sauplapper and sour cream porridge.



Contact us:

Phone: (+47) 95 05 97 25
E-mail: [email protected]