Håvardsrud Seterliv (Engelsk)

Håvardsrud Seterliv is a traditional Norwegian mountain pasture located in Skirvedalen. Here, children can enjoy themselves, run freely, and get to know the farm animals.

Animal care

The dairy maids working at the mountain pasture demonstrate and explain how to handle the animals. Both adults and children can participate in activities such as moving small animals, taking care of chicks, fetching cows, milking, and feeding.

With joy, children sit on the turf roof, cuddling with the rabbits or hopping from stone to stone with the goat kids and lambs. Feeding the pigs with buttermilk that splashes around is also a favorite activity.

The care of milk, cheese-making, and butter churning is handled by the dairy maid, but visitors can catch glimpses of these processes through the windows of the new dairy, due to food safety regulations.

Foto: Seterliv.no

Foto: Seterliv.no

Butter Making Course

If desired, you can participate in a butter making course, where you will make butter with the dairy maid and take your own butter home. The course lasts approximately 1-2 hours.

Some of the activities you can participate in at Håvardsrud Seterliv include:

  • Morning crowing at around 6-7 am
  • Breakfast for the pigs
  • Fetching the cows
  • Milking
  • Taking the cows back to pasture
  • Feeding calves, goat kids, lambs, rabbits, and chickens
  • Collecting eggs
  • Feeding calves, goat kids, lambs, and pigs at around 2 pm
  • Bringing in the cows at around 5 pm
  • Milking
  • Taking the cows back to pasture
  • Evening meal for all the small animals

These activities offer an engaging and hands-on experience of farm life at Håvardsrud Seterliv.

Tradisjonal food

A separate dining area has been constructed at the mountain pasture where you can purchase Norwegian traditional dishes such as sauplapper and rømmegrøt (sour cream porridge). This allows you to enjoy and savor authentic Norwegian cuisine while visiting Håvardsrud Seterliv.

Foto: Seterliv.no

Foto: Seterliv.no

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