Gaustabanen (Engelsk)

Gaustabanen er en helt unik bane, som går inne i selve Gaustatoppen.

Gaustabanen is a truly unique railway that runs inside the Gaustatoppen mountain.

The Gaustabanen consists of a battery-powered railcar that transports passengers approximately 860 meters horizontally into the mountain. Inside the mountain, there is a middle and transfer station from which a cable-hauled inclined railway extends 1040 meters uphill to an elevation of 1800 meters. From there, visitors can exit the facility and access the Tuddalstippen area, located just below the Gaustatoppen Tourist Cabin.

Unique in the world

The Gaustabanen was built to transport people and equipment up to an altitude of 1800 meters and, as a military transportation system, it is truly unique in the world. A unit from the military was responsible for installing radio communication lines on Gaustatoppen and they needed all-weather access to the summit year-round.

The idea of creating a tunnel inside the mountain, following the example of hydroelectric developers, was born. The cost of building the railway in 1959 was one million dollars, a price that would be significantly higher today and would likely prevent its construction.

Initially, the Gaustabanen was intended to transport tourists to the summit of Gaustatoppen. However, due to the onset of the Cold War, the railway was closed to the public. Fortunately, it is now open for tourist traffic!

Tour description:
  • Take the FV651 Svineroi road to reach the Gaustabanen. There is a parking lot and clear signage from the road.

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