Tinn Museum (Engelsk)

Tinn Museum is a rural museum with houses dating back to before the Black Death and onwards. The oldest building, a farmhouse, was constructed before 1350.

Tinn Museum is a fantastic place to explore and a museum unlike most others. The area consists of historical buildings, a courtyard, and natural surroundings. Here, the past and future go hand in hand, serving as a link between change and transformation. Time and place. People and society.

Always open for public use

Tinn Museum does not have staffed services but is always open for public use and admission is free.

Various events and activities

The courtyard is more than just a historical site; it hosts activities for people of all ages, especially daycare centers and school classes. The courtyard is always open to hikers, and the museum occasionally holds various events.

Kontakt oss:

Telefon: 35 09 22 33
E-post: [email protected]