Foto: Nancy Bundt / VisitRjukan


Take the cable car Krossobanen to Gvepseborg and walk the stone-paved, family-friendly Solstien (The Sun Trail). The shortest route from Rjukan to Hardangervidda.

Krossobanen was Northern Europe’s first cable car. It was constructed in 1928 and was a gift from Norsk Hydro to the inhabitants of Rjukan, so that they could get up to the sun during the winter season.  

Foto: Håkon Nordby

Foto: Håkon Nordby

There is a large parking area at the lower station. From there the cable cars carry passengers up to 886 metres above sea level. The journey takes approximately 5 minutes. We recommend a trip all the way to the top station where you will have a stunning view of Rjukan, Gaustatoppen and Vemork.

From the top station, hundreds of people embark on a bicycle ride on Hardangervidda  to the Kalhovd Tourist Cabin. The journey distance is 30 km and marked with signs, and is suitable for bicyclists of all ages.

Foto: Nancy Bundt / VisitRjukan

Foto: Nancy Bundt / VisitRjukan

Solstien (Sun trail)

Solstien (The Sun Trail) has also become a very popular walk as it is suitable for all ages. Paved with stones, Solstien is 1,1 km long and ends at the so-called gun emplacement.

Here you will find the remains of German canon emplacements from the Second World War, in addition to a magnificent view.

From the top station, follow the graval path approximately 800 metres to the first turn. Follow the signs to Solstien. Soon you will see the stone-paved staircase.

Solsekken (The Sun sack)

New this year is “the Sun Sack”. There are two sacks in each gondola. In each sack, the children will find five tasks they can complete along the trail.


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