Falkeriset, Rauland (Engelsk)

Children's Favorite!
Panoramic view towards Hardangervidda.


Length Difficulty Time (no pause)
3 km round trip Medium 1 hour

Family-friendly mountain hike in beautiful high mountain nature with a 360-degree panoramic view towards Hardangervidda, Gaustatoppen, Møsstrond, and Rauland.

Sherpas from Nepal have built a beautiful stone path up to the viewpoint. Falkeriset is named after the falcon catching in the area. The hike is suitable for people from 2 to 90 years old. Children love hopping from stone to stone!

Hike Description

The hike starts at the stone staircase at the parking lot on Kromvikvegen. The stone staircase makes the trail easy to follow. There is a steady and easy ascent all the way through the mountain birch forest and up to the viewpoint on the bare mountain. If you stay on the stone staircase instead of walking off the trail, you help preserve the nature and prevent new muddy paths from forming.

How to Get to Falkeriset

From Rauland town center:

Follow RV 362 towards Haukeli. After 4 km, turn right towards Kromviki (signposted). Follow the gravel road Kromvikvegen for 11 km to a new parking lot on the left side, where the trail starts. The starting point is marked with an information board and a stone staircase. Free parking.

Winter Closure: Kromvikvegen is open from June 1st until the snow settles in October/November.


Season: June - October. Kromvikvegen is closed in winter until June 1st and closes when the snow settles in October/November.

Elevation Difference: 146 m (950-1096 meters above sea level)

Terrain: First part with stone stairs, last part with a dry hiking trail. Steady ascent.

Hiking Map: Rauland 1:30,000 Sheep Grazing = Dogs on Leash!

Remember to keep your dog on a leash from April 1st to August 20th.

Falkeriset is a sheep grazing area. It is important to keep your dog on a leash.


Loose dogs can chase small lambs until they become exhausted and die. Lambs and their mothers can be separated. The lamb does not get milk and can die, while the mother's udder does not get emptied and she can develop mastitis.

There is also grouse hunting on Falkeriset from September 10th to February 29th. Loose dogs disrupt the hunting.