Town walks in Rjukan

Shopping and forest bliss!
Shopping streets in an historic setting. Forest walks and the sound of the river.


Length Difficulty Time (no breaks)
2,7 km round trip Easy 1 hour

The perfect walk to enjoy shopping, cafe visits, the riverfront, and beautiful forest. Child-friendly, easy walks and a charming town stroll. Follow a flat and dry trail, (gravel and asphalt) with benches for resting and tables along the ways. The trail follows the Måna river and goes through the centre of the town. It is suitable for children’s buggies. The walk starts at the Tourist Office at the town square in Rjukan.

  • Starting point: the walk starts at the square, Torget, in Rjukan, right next to the Tourist Information Office. We recommend that you follow the Måna river up to the Rallar Park and Sam Eydes gate, just below the Admini building.
  • From there follow Sam Eydes gate to Folkets Hus (the cinema), where you will enter the Storstulgata. From there you enter Storgata, via Bøensgata and into Skriugata.
  • At the end of Skriugata, take the stone steps that lead you onto Kjærlighetsstien (The Love Trail). You are now entering the Vestfjorddalen nature reserve.  If you want a special challenge you can take the steep, but short trail up the mountain. Kjærlighetsstien leads up to the Kleber’s stone quarry (see separate signs along the trail).
  • At the end of the Kjærlighetsstien, take the right-hand steps in the slope by Rjukan hospital. From there you follow Sykehusvegen down past Rjukan Church, across the zebra crossing in Sam Eydes gate and down to the Måna river.
  • After the dam construction, take a right and you will be back at the square.

How to get there
  • Drive to the centre of Rjukan and park at the square Torget (free parking).

Your own town guide on your mobile phone

In Rjukan town you will find seven points where you can listen to Rjukan’s history on your mobile phone.  Several of these are along the route for the town walk. Here you will hear the story behind the magnificent buildings and architecture you will see along the way.

The industrial town Rjukan

In this narrow valley with its challenging environment, the majority of the population emigrated to America in the 1800s. But where others saw difficulties, the entrepreneur and engineer Sam Eyde saw opportunities. He was struck by the beauty of the Rjukan Waterfall, but also by the opportunity to tame the waterfall and create energy. Together with the scientist Kristian Birkeland, Sam Eyde built an industrial fairy-tale of air and water: Norsk Hydro.

Energy Architecture

Rjukan became an industrial town with a totally planned structure and architecture. The power station was the heart of the industrial development. In 1915 Såheim Power Station was ready to produce energy. The monumental building was built by manpower of travelling workmen. Colloquially, Såheim was called the Opera, due to the intense “song” from the turbines, which was like sweet music in the ears of Sam Eyde.

See beautiful buildings on the town walk

Såheim is one of the beautiful buildings you can see on the town walk in Rjukan. Hydro’s residence Admini is another.