Solstien (The Sun Trail), Rjukan

The shortest route from Rjukan to Hardangervidda
Popular stone steps built by sherpas from Nepal.


Length Difficulty Time (no breaks)
4,3 km round trip Medium 1,5 hours

An easy, family-friendly hike with views of Hardangervidda and Gaustatoppen. Sherpas from Nepal built the stone steps that give a unique experience of nature. The hike starts at the top cable car station.

  • The hike starts at the cable car top station, and follows the graval path for 800 metres up the long hills to “the end of the world”. From there, take a left at the parking area at the bottom of the stone steps. There are benches for resting along the way. Follow the stone steps all the way to the top – to the spectacular view at the canon emplacement at 1110 metres above sea level. Enjoy the spectacular view of Hardangervidda, and explore the remains of a German canon emplacement from the Second World War.

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How to get to Solstien

From Rjukan center: Follow rv 37 direction Rauland. After about 2 km from the tourist office / square, follow signs to the right towards Krossobanen. You park for free at Krossoban’s lower station. Take the track up to the upper station on Gvepseborg and the starting point of the trip. Timetable: Krossobanen