Railway Track Cycling

Bring the family along for a cycle ride along the railway track at Rjukan. The bicycles are especially adapted to travel on the tracks.

At Mæl there are opportunities to rent a railway track bicycle for long or short journeys in beautiful surroundings.

The rental outlet is located by Tinnsjø Inn approximately 200 metres from the Mæl Station.

The railway track bicycles were previously used by the railway inspectors. They operate as normal bicycles. The stretch that is open for bicycling is approximately 10 kilometres and goes between Tinnsjø Inn and Dale.

Along the route there are information boards and viewpoints.There are also several resting places with tables. There is s a weak incline from Mæl.

Most railway track bicycles accommodate two people.

Cycling happens at one’s own responsibility.

Railway track cycling is available during the opening hours of the Tinnsjø Inn, please see www.tinnkro.no

Contact us:

Phone: (+47) 35 09 05 85
E-mail: [email protected]