Did you know that Hardangervidda is bigger than the Rocky Mountains, and is Northern Europe’s largest high mountain plateau? There are large areas with many possibilities for both road and mountain trips. Here you will find the maps you need to visit the attractions and hiking areas along the shore.

Attraction Map

See our overview of the attractions at the foot of Hardangervidda in Rjukan and Rauland:

Attraksjonskart PDF Norsk
Attraction Map PDF English

Tour map – has a comprehensive and interactive turquoise that gives a good overview of hiking areas, trails, bike and paddle routes, etc. on and along the entire Hardangervidda.


VisitRjukan has maps over the attractions in the Rjukan area on their webpage.

Rauland – Vierli

Download PDF-map with the attractions in Rauland/Vierli here:
Sommerkart Rauland PDF