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Heddal Stave Church

Heddal Stave Church is Norway’s largest stave church and a true masterpiece in wood.

The stave church was built around 1250 and is an integral part of the local community. The church is the first attraction along The National Park Route.

Heddal Stave Church is the largest of Norway’s 28 preserved stave churches. It is a magnificent church with three towers, 64 roof surfaces and an external gallery circling the building.

Inside is the “Bishop’s Chair” from the 13th Century, a incense burner from the middle ages, and wall paintings from the 17th Century.

The church is still in use as the main parish church in Heddal throughout large parts of the year.


There is a cafeteria in the neighbouring building, the Parish Barn, with exhibitions, toilet and nappy changing facilities, and a “quiet room” for those who want to withdraw for prayer and reflection.

Kafé Olea serves warm and cold dishes and refreshments. It also sells a variety of souvenirs.


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