Car holiday

Are you planning a road trip? Here you will find great suggestions, whether you want to see the most popular attractions, go for a walk or enjoy arts and culture. Welcome to a car holiday at Hardangervidda!


Our suggestions

Hardangervidda National Park route
Welcome to a car holiday along our National Park route, summer and autumn!

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Children’s favourites
Be a conductor on Krossobanen for one day, or try one of the skis on the Rjukan bath! See what the kids can experience at Hardangervidda. (3 days)

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Best of Hardangervidda
Is this your first trip here? If you choose this car holiday, you will get the highlights along the national park. (5 days)

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Arts and culture
Experience a mix of traditional and modern Telemark culture on this road trip along the national park route. Perfect weekend getaway for the art and culture enthusiasts! (2 days)

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Experience the villages of Tinn
Experience the beautiful Tinn villages where you get a taste of Norwegian handcraft traditions, food traditions and cultural monuments. (3 days)

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Plan the car holiday
Here you will find practical tips when planning your car holiday along the Hardangervidda National Park Route.

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All walks and hikes on Hardangervidda

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